Production and Recycling Process

Aluminium is one of the most readily available and sustainable materials used in construction today.

In 2017 our supply partner, Hydro Aluminium, has been named as the international industry leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World). The award recognised their continuous effort to operate in a sustainable way in the manufacture of aluminium coils and other products.

The 0.9mm coil, that is used to form aluminium gutters contains an average of 78% recycled material with the balance consisting of re-melted aluminium ingots. Using recycled aluminium reduces the need for bauxite mining, saves one of the earth’s natural resources and saves 95% of the energy requirements, when compared to metal made from raw materials.

On installation the environmental benefits continue. Unlike other guttering systems, it is produced in continuous lengths to the exact dimensions of the building, meaning there is no waste or packaging that requires disposal. Carbon emissions are limited to the initial installation. Further maintenance will not be required once the seamless leak-free system has been commissioned.

Aluminium that is manufactured today is a resource for the future. Across Europe, end of life recycle rates are greater than 95% for aluminium in the automotive and building industry.

Colonnade Downpipes

Our gutters are complimented by our range of Colonnade aluminium down pipes.

Available in traditional and contemporary finishes, a variety of sizes in round, square, rectangular and anti-vandal security profiles - teamed with our unique swept bends finishesthe system.