Mustang® Aluminium Seamless Guttering is a premium quality system. Over 30 years it will out-perform UPVC rainwater systems and show considerable savings on both material maintenance and replacement costs.

To demonstrate this, we conducted a survey* of over 100 contractors, who offer both UPVC and Mustang® aluminium seamless gutters. Each participant provided an average installation cost, number of joints required and presumed life span, for four property types.

The following conditions were provided for the pricing exercise:

  • Building ready to receive guttering
  • Scaffold/access equipment provided
  • Uninterrupted access to property
  •  Installation to be completed in one visit
  • Comparison to be Mustang® versus equivalent UPVC gutter
  • It was assumed that the UPVC would have to be replaced at least once over a 30-yearperiod

* Survey carried out in May 2017 - regional variations will apply, indicative costs only.

Life Cycle Costings UPVC versus Aluminium for 30 years